Hi!  My name’s Kasey.  I’ve been thinking about starting this blog for a while now but I wasn’t exactly sure in what way I wanted to do it .  You see—even though the name of this blog implies that it’s a healthy living blog—I’m in a bit of a funk right now.  My plan for this blog is to document my journey back to a healthier, happier, saner me.   About a year ago, I had it all planned out (you know what I’m talking about if you’re as equally type A as me and understand the importance of plans).   I was working at a great job—my first since graduating from college—while I was in the middle of a master’s program that I worked on in the evenings and weekends.  I had just moved back in with my parents in my small, rural hometown in Iowa so I could save up my pennies while I studied.  My college sweetheart was finishing a residency a few states away and I was counting down the minutes until we finished our respective programs and could live in the same city again and I could finally hit the play button on my fairy tale life that I had been envisioning in my head since childhood.

Then, in the following 6 months, things slowly crumbled.  First, I was very unceremoniously dumped by the aforementioned college sweetheart.  Then, things started changing within the state agency I worked for and I was laid off from my job.  Angry, jobless, boyfriendless and living with my parents at the age of 24 was pretty much my rock bottom as far as I was concerned.  Forget the fact that I had just completed my first half-marathon a few months earlier and prided myself on introducing my parent’s to such diet staples as chia seeds, almond milk, hummus and lentils, and annually joined thousands of people to spend a week riding bikes across the state of Iowa in a phenomenon known and celebrated as RAGBRAI (details to follow)…I was feeling pretty darn sorry for myself.  And the only way I felt I could fill the huge aching hole left in the place where my life plans once stood was with chocolate, ice cream, pizza and fast food.

I certainly plan to fill you in on more of the gory details of my little “saga” later and I am clearly not yet out of the woods.   But—I have made some progress.  I’m no longer living with my parents (thank goodness) or completely jobless.  I have begun to explore the amazing and challenging world of self-employment in the form of insurance sales and a budding handmade jewelry business.  I have very recently finished my master’s degree (thanks to the extra time I had on my hands sans my day job) and I’ve somehow managed to stumble upon the true love of my life.  Meeting him was like getting smacked over the head with a sledge hammer (but in a good way—if that’s even possible) and exactly a year after I “temporarily” moved back to my tiny hometown in the middle of nowhere America…I decided to stay.  So, as you can see, I’ve had quite a ride this year.  But, I’m still not where I want to be as far as my health and fitness goals are concerned and I know getting that on track will do wonders for my emotional health.  Stay tuned and hopefully I’ll be on my way to getting my groove back soon.


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