Treadmill Review

Good evening!

So, last night I was able to log 45 minutes on my brand spanking new Horizon T101 Treadmill.

I did a power walking interval workout with an incline.  I wasn’t quite ready to run on it because I wanted to listen closely to any sounds it made….and it’s also been a couple months since I’ve been on a run and I need to get back into it slowly.  Also, there is usually a little bit of this going on….

Anyway, back to the awesomeness that is my new treadmill…I was very pleasantly surprised with how quiet it is.  I had the TV on at a reasonable volume and I had no problem hearing it.  It was also a very smooth walk, it was similar to the treadmills at the gym as far as how it felt.  It also has a small speaker that I can plug my Ipod directly into and a fan right in front of my face.  The speakers aren’t subs or anything, but I can certainly jam out while I run.  If I want the music any louder, I can just put in my ear buds.  The fan also isn’t anything over the top but it provides a pleasant little breeze.  The treadmill deck also folds up and there are wheels on the front so it can be easily moved from room to room.

Overall, I’m really pleased with it and think I can get some really good use out of it.  Also, it’s super convenient to have it right in the basement and I don’t have to put on snow boots and a coat to go to the gym in the winter.  No excuses!

When I finished my workout, I came upstairs and found the sexy bald man feverishly wiping down the kitchen cabinets.  There was quite a bit of dust from the installation of ceramic tiles in the kitchen.  He’s a bit of a clean freak and it’s AMAZING.  Check out that awesome stainless steel fridge!

So–changing directions entirely now–I realized this morning that I have not yet mentioned my two lovable, furry sidekicks on this blog yet.

Meet Jack:

and Bella:

I adopted Jack from the Animal Rescue League in Des Moines after I graduated with my undergrad in May 2009.  He was already about 1.5 years old so he was fully grown.  He’s definitely a one-woman cat and regularly sleeps directly on top of my head on my pillow at night.  Bella, on the other hand, is still in her kitten stage.  I found her when she was about two months old on a very hot day this June in the middle of a gravel road, bleeding from a cut above her eye and screaming bloody murder.  After some TLC, she was good to go and hasn’t stopped going since.  She loves toys as much as a puppy and frequently runs sprints around the apartment.

I’ve read that the more you talk to your cats, the more they will talk back to you so I’ve been making a concerted effort to talk to them more the last few months and it actually works!  Every time I walk in the door or wake up in the morning, they give me a little meow and even go off on little rants sometimes, it’s very cute.

My cats are also very photogenic:

(note: please don’t think I’m a crazy cat lady–my entire family are animal lovers and have several pets–I swear I’m not making that up!)

Baby Bella, the remote is in the picture for size, she was so tiny!

Jack looking pensively out the window while pondering the meaning of life…

Jack letting loose…

They really are fun to have around and basically take care of themselves.  Jack is sure to remind me (verbally) when his dish needs to be refilled.

Anyway, off to spend some quality time with the fam!

Good night!





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