Christmas Recap

Hey folks!

I hope everyone had safe and happy holidays!  Personally, my jeans are uncomfortably tight today so I’m enjoying a healthy little afternoon snack:

Baby carrots, zesty dill pickles–I could seriously eat an entire jar of zesty dills every single day for the rest of my life– and yellow cherry tomatoes with some fat free ranch.  Delicious!

Besides consuming copious amounts of food over the last several days, I had a great time with my family, particularly at my mom and step-dad’s house for Christmas Eve.  I showed up around noon with my car packed full of gifts and found a little Mario Kart/pajama action going on in the living room:

After enjoying a Christmas program at Dane’s church that evening, we headed back to my parent’s house for dinner and gifts!  My step-dad prepared the most delicious and perfectly seasoned prime rib, as per usual (he is known in some circles as the meat master) and then we rolled ourselves to the living room to dive into the presents.

Here’s Chris (my sister’s boyfriend) and the sexy bald man showing their team spirit with some Iowa Hawkeye’s gear:

My sister, Chris and my mom looking seriously excited and full of Christmas cheer:

A beautiful vintage scarf from my sister (she knows me so well!)

And, a Keurig from my parents!  I’ve been happily brewing coffee for anyone who has dared to step into my apartment for the last couple of days…I’m already formulating a plan in my head for a K-Cup exchange party.

While Christmas with the fam was amazing, I’m even more excited for New Years….the sexy bald man and I will be flying out to Las Vegas on Friday and I’m giddy with excitement! With any luck, my Christmas food hangover will subside in the next few days and I’ll log some time on the treadmill so that I can strut around Sin City in these sparklers…

What are your New Years plans and how are you recovering from a little over-indulgence this holiday season?


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