Happy What I Ate Wednesday!

I had a pretty frustrating start to my day today :(.  A fellow insurance sales rep was supposed to meet up with me at my apartment at 9:30am for a day of prospecting and following up on leads we had been working on.  She is typically an hour late so I realistically planned to be ready to walk out the door at 10:30am.  Sure enough, she texted at 10:30am and said she was still 45 minutes away.  At 11:20am, she texted to say she had to stop at one of her accounts to help with an issue.  At 12:30pm, I texted to ask if she’d been held up at her account and she replied that she’d meant to text me that she was just going to run some errands since it was around the lunch hour and she would pick me up at 1pm.  I’d told her the day before that I had a hair appointment at 2:30pm (my hair dresser is 30 minutes away) and now we only had an hour to work together.  We didn’t actually end up getting together for the day so I wasted my entire morning waiting for her.

On the bright side, I spent my morning job searching online and found 3 good jobs to apply for :).

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it on this blog yet, but I just graduated with my Master’s degree in Public Administration a week and half ago from Drake University.  Drake is 2 hours away from the small town I live in so I’d been driving to class two or three times a week in order to finish my degree this semester.  My insurance gig allowed me the flexibility to earn some income on my own schedule while still making it to class each week.  Now that classes are over, I’m definitely ready to put my new degree to work but it’s a little difficult to find the types of jobs I’m qualified for in my small town.  I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’ll probably have to commute and have begun searching within an hour of my small town.  Now I’ve just got to dust off/update the resume and crunch out some cover letters!

On a happier note, Bella was being extra cute this morning while I was mixing and brewing up my breakfast…apparently that darn pillow was directly in her sweet spot on the chair:

Now, onto more exciting things, like food…

For breakfast, I mixed up some Oikos greek yogurt, a Tablespoon of chia seeds and some granola.  I know the seeds make it look a little unappetizing and strange but they have absolutely no taste and sooo many health benefits that make up for it.  I also had some Keurig-ed coffee!

For lunch, I wanted something comforting since I was so frustrated.  I popped this Campbell’s Kettle-Style portabello mushroon and madeira bisque into the microwave.  It’s certainly not the healthiest soup option out there but the large chunks of mushroom were very delicious and comforting.

On my way to my hair appointment, I stopped at the gas station and grabbed some chocolate comfort in the form of an ice cream cone since the temperature was in the 40s today and I had not consumed any of my beloved chocolate in at least 48 hours. Unheard of weather for Western Iowa in the end of December, though!

Here’s a look at my hair before:

And after:

It’s definitely not much of a change–just a trim, refreshed hair color and waxed eyebrows so they no longer look like two caterpillars–but I love how light,clean, smooth and shiny my hair feels after it’s washed and cut by a professional.  Not to mention, the girl talk is always fun!

*Side Note*  I’m a little ashamed (or relieved?) at how long it took me to take those photos of my own hair.  I have never been the type of person to take pictures of myself and always thought it was bit corny when people posted them on MySpace or Facebook.  Either way, I want to portray myself accurately on this blog and I think that involves letting people know exactly what I look like…so, with that said, anyone have any tips on successful self-portrait photography?

Dinner tonight was a large-and-in-charge, delicious salad:

In the mix:

Spinach, peas, red onion, cucumber, tomato, olives, hard-boiled egg, feta cheese, crumbled bagel chips and shaken with fat-free ranch.

Off to the gym now (aka Dane’s basement), have a good night!



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